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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Malaria Research (2)

Request for Information: Malaria Research (2)

Dear Dave and Ben,

On 98/05/08 -0400, you wrote:

>I am a high school junior and in our world studies class we are re-
>searching Africa. A partner and I are searching for ways to prevent the 
>spread of Malaria in Africa. When we came upon your web page we thought 
>that you would be a good source of information. We were wondering if 
>you had any maps or statistics on Malaria.  We were also wondering if 
>you knew of any new vaccinations that were being developed.

Try the following WHO pages of the Control of Tropical Diseases Divi-
sion with the following URL:

Click on the "Malaria Prevention and Control" hyperlink, and the 
first paragraph will give you some information on Malaria. Below the 
introductory paragraph is a "Disease Situation", under which are hy-
perlinks to "Burdens and trends", "Latest epidemiological data" and 
"Geographical Distribution".

You can save the Map of the "Geographical Distribution" to your hard 
disk by going over the map, clicking over it with your right mouse 
and selecting "Save Image As..". Then click OK and the map will be 
saved as a .jpg file that you can print or insert into your report as 
a picture.

I wish you the best in your project.


Brian Pazvakavambwa (MD, MPH)
AFRO-NETS Co-Moderator
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