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AFRO-NETS> International Development Network Bookstore Expands

International Development Network Bookstore Expands

The International Development Network ( Book Store
has been expanded as of today, growing from 82 Titles to 377 Titles, 
with the addition of the following Sections:

Gender Issues In Development - 90 Titles
Sustainable Development - 186 Titles
Education - 24 Titles

Over the next week, sections will be added on Regional Issues and more.
Your purchase of books through the IDN Store help sustain the site.

Today's Development Front Headlines include the following stories that
may be of interest to you:

Rubin Schedules Africa Trip, Urges Financial Transparency

World Food Programme Protests Against Looting of its Food Aid by Armed
Men in Liberia

World Food Programme Sends Barge Down the Nile to Deliver Food to Hun-
gry Southern Sudanese

ICRC Offers Training Course for Water Engineers in Kenya

Conference to be Held Next Week on "Technology, Operations & Economics
of Providing Safe Drinking Water in Small Systems"

Christopher L. Byrne
Director, International Development Network
Information Resources for Sustainable Development

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