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Helpful Web Sites

Hi everyone, I'm new to all of this and I just joined in.  I was interested 
in the conversation dealing with electronic media and medical literature 
resources.  I'm very new to the internet, so I thought I would just mention 
a couple of sites that I have found to be very helpful when in need of 
medical literature:  (AIDS/HIV Info) (medical database)  (medical database)

Also, if anyone else should have any information about good web sites, the 
information would be appreciated.
Buddy Bates

[Recently a number of free MEDLINE sites have appeared on the net. Some
need one-time registration but all of them allow MEDLINE access free of
charge: (see above) (via medscape)

For those without real-time internet connection a MEDLINE search is also
possible via e-mail (not free of charge). An off-line search can be
prepared by ?GRATEFUL MED? software and the request is sent via e-mail
using BITNIS (Batch Internet National Library of Medicine Information
System). Mod.]

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