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AFRO-NETS> Providing Journals to Developing Countries (4)

Providing Journals to Developing Countries (4)

Hi Ron,
More caveats from Harare:-Bear in mind that we have low bandwidths usually
- 64 kb - if any ....So for graphics etc it'll be tricky.  I wonder if
electronic journals are available as text only, or is there some way of
downloading being limited to text?  At the Medical School we are assured
the PTC will soon upgrade our lines, their quality and number and speed. Or
some of the above.  But no sign yet of the dedicated line from campus to
Medical Faculty (5 km) or data line to the nearest digital exchange from
the Campus, both of which we had been promised by last August. With all
those words from Fred I wonder if you're in touch with the SatelLife people
in Boston?  It would seem to make sense that you'd all cooperate on this
one.  Or is there some gruesome family feud stretching round the world via
e-mail and healthnet...?

Helga Patrikios
Medical Library
University of Zimbabwe
P.O. Box M.P.45
Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel +263-4-791631
Fax +263-4-795019  

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