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STD research - experience of successful or not lab. assessments

As we are about to conduct a study on asypmtomatic STDs in female health
facility attendees (MCH, FP etc.), I would appreciate if anyone who have
tried to do such studies with lab. analyses that are available in the
local/country environment. We are looking at rural women in a setting like
what you find at many places in Southern Africa (SA and Botsw.). Most of
the studies I have read (except from Tanzania) have sent their specimens to
Europe or USA for analysis (Uganda, Ethiopia and others), and that cannot
be sustainable in the long run. The new LCR /PCR tests are too expensive
for our budget. We are thinking around this a lot. GC culture? Chlamydia
immuno-assays? VDRL? Trichomonas/candida? 

References or suggestions would be nice.


Dr. med. Johanne Sundby
Medical Anthropology
University of Oslo
post box 1130 Blindern
N-0316 Oslo, Norway
tel +47 22 85 05 98
fax +47 22 85 05 90

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