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AFRO-NETS> First ENHR Congress Report - South Africa

First ENHR Congress Report - South Africa

The First Essential National Health Research (ENHR) Congress in South
Africa was held in November 1996 in Pretoria with the aim of:

- identifying health research areas that address priority health problems
- developing a process for consensus building and
- facilitating the establishment of an ENHR Committee

Representatives from 77 Organisations participated in the event.

We have made an electronic version of the Progress Report available for
download via anonymous FTP at: (
directory: /pub/afro-nets
filename: ENHR-SA.EXE [274 kB]

The 34-pages document is in WORD f. WINDOWS 6.0 format, packed with 'pkzip'
but self-extracting. 

Alternatively you direct your WEB browser to:

and download the document from there.

For those without internet access we have made an abbreviated version of
the document (sorry, without some tables) available in plain text format
(ASCII, 41 kB) via e-mail. To request a copy send an e-mail message to:

Type the following commands only in the text of your message:  (leave the
'Subject' line empty)

get afro-nets enhr-sa.txt

The requested file will be sent to your e-mail address.

Dieter Neuvians MD
AFRO-Nets Moderator
mail to:

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `'.
Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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