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Electronic Media for District Managers

This is an excellent idea. Print media is expensive and very 
restrictive.Journals are too specialised and it is difficult to get 
instant information from a moderator.

I run a Province (Medical Director) of Coast Province Kenya.
Most of my districts have a computer (at least a 386) and it may not be a 
problem getting modems.

We are in the process of asking the Telephone company to give us 
telephone lines for the computers. (The World Bank does not want the 
Telephone company to give anything free or even subsidised and we have to 
pay full commercial rates and taxes).

The district needs information like in Healthnet News and other more basic 
information on PHC. At times old information presented in a newer format 
is also very useful.

The electronic media will also improve communication between districts 
and the centre. The problem of a local server is essential. There is
Healthnet in Nairobi however it may be easier to use a server in Mombasa
(telephone calls will be cheaper).

Most of e-mail users are research organisations like KEMRI (high power 
and very very high tech) and the information from them does not flow to 
the districts.

Ministry of Health

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