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Health Systems Research - Does it make a difference ?

The title of this publication has been derived from a letter from Dr J.M.
Last published in 1977 in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled
'Health services research - does it make a difference?'.  Based on an
extensive review of articles over the period 1950-1969, Last concluded that
"...with trivial and mostly unimportant exceptions, health services
research had no impact on medical or social policy".  

The booklet tries to prove that much has changed since Dr. Last wrote his
provocative letter and 'Health Systems Research' (HSR) can actually make a

The purpose of this 60 pages publication is to bring the concept and the
approaches of HSR to the attention of health policy-makers, administrators
and researchers at national and international level. It is hoped that the
publication will:

-       provoke discussion and thinking on HSR;
-       stimulate new approaches and initiatives in this field;  and
-       expand or develop comparable programmes in other parts of the world.

It is published in its 3rd edition (1995) by the Joint HSR Project for
Eastern & Southern Africa and we have made an electronic version available
for download via anonymous FTP at: (
directory: /pub/afro-nets
filename: HSR-95EN.EXE [85 kB]
(Word f. Windows 6.0 format)

A French version is available by the same procedure in Wordperfect 5.1
format under the filename: HSR-95FR.EXE

Both files are packed with 'pkzip' but self-extracting. 

Alternatively you direct your WEB browser to:

and download the respective language version from there.

For those without internet access we have made the english version of the
booklet available in plain text format (ASCII, 139 kB) via e-mail. To
request a copy send an e-mail message to:

Type the following commands only in the text of your message:  (leave the
'Subject' line empty)

get afro-nets hsr-95en.txt

The list server will respond with the following message:

>>>> get afro-nets hsr-95en.txt
List 'afro-nets' file 'hsr-95en.txt'
is being sent as a separate message.
>>>> end

and the requested file will be sent to your e-mail address.


Dieter Neuvians M.D.            Health Systems Research
P.O.Box 2406                    Southern African Region
Harare / Zimbabwe               Tel. (263)-4-733696
                                Fax  (263)-4-733695
also via:

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Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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